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EXPATRIADOS : Insurance adapted  to the specific needs of expatriates 

La linea de seguros especialmente diseñada para extranjeros residentes en nuestro pais, con un trato local en tu propio idioma.


Auto Insurance

The advantages of our car insurance

  • We present you a car insurance policy without competition for expatriates that live in Spain permanently or temporarily. We offer a product specially made to suit you, who live outside of your country and don´t want to have any worries.
  • Hispania network offers a wide range of covers for your car insurance that you can customize and adapt to your needs at your own convenience. Contract security and trust.

Plus all these benefits

  • We offer total coverage to driver and passengers in the event of an accident. We also provide roadside assistance from mile zero and take care of managing your fines.
  • Now you can insure your car with one of the most important insurance companies worldwide, with almost 100 years offering services and products related to the protection of goods worldwide and with over 100,000 international clients in Spain.
  • Good drivers can earn a no-claims discount of up to 65%
  • Help with processing fines.
  • Personal Accident Cover for the driver (compensation and monthly income).
  • Extended Travel Assistance Cover: (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).Extended Roadside Assistance cover (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). The costumer is given a card with the assistance telephone numbers, enclosed with the policy, for Spain and abroad.
  • Roadside assistance from kilometre zero.
  • Free choice of vehicle repair shop.
  • Damage caused to the interior upholstery of the insured vehicle, when the policyholder has helped a victim in an accident, for up to maximum of €300.
  • Creation of the "Named Driver" category. This is a new concept in the market, for which the main appeal to customers, who meet the requirements for this category, the main appeal to customers who meet the requirements, lies in a price reduction of their insurance.

Home Insurance

A product designed for expatriates, adapted to several kinds of homes:


  • Take out insurance with all the cover you need.
  • Home assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with just a simple telephone call.


Plus all these benefits

  • Index-linked insured sums to ensure that the sums do not become outdated and that, in the event of a claim, you receive the adequate compensation payment.
  • Option to pay by installments.
  • The three options include legal defence, claims for damages an IT assistance service, 24-hour assistance and a home improvement service.
  • Three sign-up options to adjust the product to our customers’needs: Basic, Plus and Premium.


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